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Car title loans

Why use a credit score to get as loan when you can get a loan pretty fast using a  car? The car title in this case is used as a collateral .car title loans are used to secure short term loans. The amount of the loan that you will get is dependent on three variables. These are:

Size of the loan needed

In most cases, the lender will consider to advance title loans depending on the amount you have requested.

Value of the car

The title loan is secondly determined by the value of your car. If for instance the car value is $3500, the loon’s amount will not exceed this amount which is the true value of the car. A valuer will inspect the car to determine its value. This will form the basis of the loan amount that will be advanced to you.

Repayment ability

The third option is your ability to repay the loan. If for instance the lender concludes that you are not capable of repaying $5, 000, then you will be given far less, if this is the amount that you had requested.

How do title loans work?

The operate on the premise that you need quick cash from your car. You will take your car with you to a valuer and get a valuation report and then you will hand a copy of the car title and the valuation report to the lender…You will fill in a form and get the cash requested on the spot. In just a matter of minutes the cash will be handed to you and you will drive off with your car and the cash in your pocket. Once your repay the loan amount, the lender will hand back the original copy of the car title to you and you are good to go. It is as simple as that and please notes that you do not surrender the car to the lender; only the copies or title of the car. This is the main reason why they are referred to as title loans.


One of the main advantages of the title loans is the fact that they are quickly approved online. There is no time wastage such that you can apply and be approved as you wait.

Credit types

There is no single type of credit type that is rejected. With any credit type that you can think of, you will still get your way.

The approval process is also very fast .it is not only fast but easy. This essentially means that you will have the cash to attend to any emergency situation.

The quick approval of 30 minutes or less is something worth writing home about.

Car insurance is not a prerequisite

Even if you do not have car insurance, you will still be able to get access to this loan. This is indeed good news to those who may have had problems with their loans. So go ahead and apply for one today.

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